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 GPS Lab (Seoul National Univ.)
 Control System Lab (Chungnam National Univ.)
 GPS Lab (Inha Univ.)
 GPS Lab (Konkuk Univ.)
 GNS Lab (Chungbuk Univ.)
 Navi. Info. Lab (Hankuk Aviation Univ.)
 Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute
 Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Space Geodesy Division
 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
 Korea Aerospace Research Institute
 Korea Reserch Institue of Standards and Science
 Agency for Defense Development
 Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries
 GNSS Research Center
 Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administraion
 Korea Maritime Institute
 Korea Ocean Development Co., Ltd
 Korea Ocean Development Co., Ltd.
 DGPS Central Office
 Korea Oceanographic Data Center
 International GNSS Service Global Data Center
 Hanyang Navicom
 Insung International
 UNITEK Communication
 Innovative Sensing Co., Ltd.
 Trimble Navigation Ltd.
 Sonar Tech
 Samyung Enc
 Septentrio Satellite Navigation
 Newmarine Engineering
 IGS(International GNSS Service)
 International Hydrographic Organization
 International Maritime Organization
 Singapore Port Authority
 FAA GPS Product Team
 GPS WORLD Magazine
 LORAN Association
 National Geodetic Survey
 Overview of the GPS UTEXAS
 U.S. Coast Navigation Center
 International Association of Institutes of Navigation